The Acorn Montessori Curriculum

Acorn Montessori offers a rich and dynamic program in Science, Geography and Culture, History, Language Arts, Math, Languages (French, Spanish, Chinese and introduction to many other languages) and World Music - Piano lessons are optional.

Learning involves all the senses and children are encouraged to explore the world using their senses.  Acorn Montessori provides a robust learning environment. 



In Science children learn to observe, record and report.  Children are exposed to scientific vocabulary - hypothesis, observation, diagram and conclusion.  Students are exposed to Botany, Zoology, Cosmic Science (Space), Physical Science and Engineering.  We bring in experts, who share their experiences from various wildlife centers and farm settings.


Geography and Culture

In Geography and Culture, children learn by familiarizing themselves with an Atlas, reviewing maps and information from fiction and non-fiction books.  We invite presenters from different parts of the world to come and share their music, dance, food and culture with the students.  This exposes the children to cultural diversity.



The children are exposed to American and World history in a way that is interesting, informative, contextual and relevant to their lives.


Language Arts

Children learn the letters and sounds through direct teaching during circle time and also through one-on-one work with the teacher.  The children spend one-on–one time each day with the teacher to practice and work on reading and writing skills at their individual level.  Children are also encouraged and exposed to various types of non-fiction and fiction books at school.  Children of all ages and abilities are excited about reading and writing in the classroom.  



In math, children learn to recognize and quantify numbers.  Children spend one-on-one time with the teacher to practice and learn more advanced math.  They learn skip-counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, how to tell time, shapes, area, perimeter, volume and circumference.  Children learn and practice measuring through baking and cooking and learn how to solve word problems at their level.


Art and Music

Children learn about different artists and composers each month. 

In music children learn through our Classical Music Program about different periods in musical history including the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period.

In art, the children learn about different styles of art such as Cubism, the Blue period, Pointillism and Collage.  Children are also provided with individual lessons to help them develop their drawing and coloring skills.  Children are also provided with opportunities to use different mediums including oil pastels, chalk pastels, various types of paints, tissue paper, markers, crayons and pencil crayons.

The children also learn about world music and dance.  We have different dancers and musicians who come to perform at the school including Spanish, Irish, Hawaiian, Greek and Square dancers as well as the Seattle Symphony and Bellevue Ballet.  The students participate in and enjoy the dance program with world music throughout the week.

Acorn Montessori is very proud of its rich and diverse program!