Teacher's Profile

I am a passionate educator with high expectations for my students. I am a nurturing and patient person, who believes not only in the importance of educating children academically, but also with providing them with the life skills needed for them to be successful as they grow.  My love for travel, culture, music, languages and gardening is evident in the classroom.

I believe that hands-on learning and providing children with different experiences contributes to creating a rich learning environment and thus I invite a variety of experts from different subject areas to share their expertise with the students. I feel this makes the classroom an exciting place and a fun place to be in, as no day is ever the same.

I believe that Acorn Montessori School provides children with a safe, nurturing and educational environment allowing them to grow holistically and build a strong foundation in their early years.  Each child is provided with personalized learning and one-on-one time with me throughout the day.