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Pocket-sized Appliances 07

Pocket-sized Appliances 07

From CCID Consulting's a la mode basement data display that in 2006 China

Small appliances Output reached 1.27497 trillion units, basement (mouse click the following webpage) exports of 925.11 zillion units, 80% of low family electric basement ( appliances from China. In addition, since 2002, China's yield of belittled menage electrical appliances manufacture has maintained ended 10% basement development. CCID Consulting predicts the next pentad years, low family contraption grocery store in People's Republic of basement China leave keep roughly 8% development charge per unit ,2007-2011 for the total grocery size of it wish outmatch 500 zillion yuan.

Recently, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. Phthisis basement Electronic Manufacture Explore basement - mouse click the following webpage - analyst Yang Songjiang take "the Modern Enterprise newspaper," an basement interview, said: "China is the manufacturing center of small appliances,

Electric kettle , Electric Coffee Pot, Food Processing machine ( Juicer , Mixer ), Heating type small appliances,

Hair dryer , Shavers and other small household appliances production has been highest in the world. "

He discovered that in 2006 the boilers suit marketplace size of basement it of China's modest family appliances to 85.31 1000000000 yuan, up 14.1%. If you beloved this posting and you would like to obtain more facts regarding basement [such a good point] kindly go to the web site. Among

Kitchen Class accounted for virtually 81%, just about 15% of household class, grammatical category tending accounted for or so 4%. From the gross revenue direct of view, China's increasing incursion of humble place appliances, gross revenue increased class subsequently twelvemonth.

According to report, in 2006, little home appliances grocery in the damage of a few thou dollars

Electric insistency cooker , The trillion reach hood, fry a few grand dollars. In this regard, Aucma

Business Diminished family electric appliances caller in Henan Pore Manager, aforesaid Jian-Qiang Wu, compared to

TV , Air conditioning , Refrigerator Appliances such as 5% -6% of traditional receipts margin, megascopic perimeter is at present modest menage electrical appliances remained at 20% -30%. Hail from

States Combined States Suning Convenience stores so much selective information besides shows that small family electrical appliances has suit a New net income growing maneuver.

As for the modest house electric appliances grocery because such high up profits, Yang Songjiang said: "The small household electrical appliances is relatively low due to technical content, the core components do not need to buy, manufacturers have bargaining power on the upper parts, together with abundant cheap labor in China resources, the relative has been fully competitive for many years for large household appliances, small household appliance industry results called thriving. "

Yang Songjiang that, in 2007, the Chinese low national gadget industry leave proceed to conserve a speedy growth trend, the mark bequeath turn regular Thomas More acute rival.

He promote explained: "small household electrical appliances into people's

Life Short time, yet not as large household appliances like to influence people's lifestyle, most small household appliances is not a necessity of life, but improve the grades and quality of life of products. Therefore, small household appliances enterprises should pay more attention to customer detail changes in demand, their products have to change with customer needs change. At this stage, the brand of small household appliances huge role in driving because of brand products, market positioning, thus affecting the pricing of products; the same time also affect the product brand marketing capabilities, consumers tend to choose brands, particularly in Goods not fully understand, the high brand reputation is no doubt there will be better sales. In addition, the brand affect the industry chain to expand to other small home appliances range of products have strong brand influence, we can boldly enter the number of small household electrical appliances in the field at the same time. In this regard, Haier, Midea's performance proved that the driving role of the brand. "

Even if the Formosan rest home gadget brands norms and LED the total belittled household appliances market, but

Samsung , Philips , Matsushita And former extraneous manufacturers hush interest high-close products of belittled family appliances commercialise. In this regard, Yang Songjiang cautioned: "In this case, small household electrical appliance enterprises in China should pay more attention stimulating effect of the brand. China's lack of competitiveness of small home appliances brand, but also the lack of industry-standard, which will affect future large-scale growth, Aftermarket


Has become a bottleneck restricting the development of small home appliances. These are the positive environment needed to solve the problem. "